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We have been working hard over the last few years to bring to you the most exciting and cutting-edge snorkeling experience, Now we have the pleasure to introduce to you our new line of Cobra Mask accessories. Take your time have a look around, we believe you will love our new products just as much as we do.

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Free shipping on all domestic orders **CANADA ONLY** We also have great rates for our international customers.

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We have 24 hour support (online) for any issues you may have, "MESSAGE US" on Facebook. Click the Blue Button on the bottom left of this page.

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30 days money back guarantee! But we're certain you'll love it!



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Cobra Mask

Kids Edition v2

We all know our son's or daughter's want to be just like us, and we haven't forgot about them. Our Kids Edition Masks gets the whole family involved, your kids will love it!


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