About Us

 If looking for the best on the market in snorkel gear, then no doubt you are in the right place. We’re all adventurous in nature and a lot of people across the globe are passionate about scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming. Finding ideal snorkeling masks has however been a difficult and daunting task to many of us. 

At Cobra Mask we are dedicated to attending to the ever changing demand for high-end snorkeling masks. We are a Canadian owned and family operated company and our major aim is to ensure that everyone passionate about the sea gets a unique experience through our masks.

The credibility of our company is greatly attributed to our massive commitments at ensuring an outstanding quality and craftsmanship of our masks.  To guarantee this, we have set a high standard through which all our masks must pass through before offering them to our clients. 

Our hosts of hugely talented and professional designers strive to ensure that our products offer maximum comfort, view, and convenience while in water.  Moreover, we have combined all the features everyone would desire from snorkeling mask to make our products outstanding. Besides the outstanding design and quality of our products, our company prides ourselves in the extensive variety available at our store. 

We understand that different people have different preferences and at Cobra Mask we strive to meet everyone’s highest expectations.  Whether looking for an adult size mask or a child’s mask you can count on us for ultimate solutions. Our products are perfect for traveling, cottaging, swimming, and exploration. 

We guarantee our products are the leader in quality, design, and comfort, they are available at very competitive rates giving excellent value for every dollar spent. We are very dynamic and as trends change we also strive to find innovative ways to make your snorkeling more interesting and fulfilled.